A digital composite of hands and steam with texture that conveys the essence of creating

What is the the esssence of creating?

I believe the essence of creating is breathing life into what does not yet exist. Ruah—Hebrew for spirit, breath, or wind—hovered over the waters as creation of heaven and earth began. Soon, all that was created held the imprint of its creator. Indeed, the breath of life inhabited the Creator’s image bearers. And now, as image bearers filled with the life-giving energy of the Holy Spirit (Romans 15:13 MSG), we create. Awash in wondrous, messy mystery, we mold and make. We breathe in fully alive, receiving life as a gift; we exhale, releasing our creation as an offering.

*   *   *

THE STORY: I created this piece for Ex Nihilo Gallery’s “Out of Nothing” call, their premier virtual exhibition. They were looking for art that expressed the essence of creating; my submission—“Ruah”— was accepted, and their online gallery was on view Spring 2022. The way this call was interpreted by artists and photographers around the world is absolutely inspiring.

gallery/viewing room

I can’t think of a more enjoyable few minutes than those spent with a mug of hot tea, coffee, etc. perusing this gallery and reading artwork and bio statements. Be curious, awaken wonder.

And, if you like, I wouldn’t mind your vote! Three entries will be given a People’s Choice Award. 

UPDATE: May 2022
THANK YOU to all who voted for Ruah. It received the Third Place People’s Choice Award!

BEHIND THE SCENES:. This piece is a digital composite created out of four original photographs: steam from the hottest water our electric kettle offered, my neighbor’s hands (ever patient and mostly amused, I think), and two warm, organic textures taken at Old Car City in White, GA.