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A single-faceted gem lacks luster, but a multi-faceted jewel plays catch with light to radiate beautifully. What an unusual proposition: how can a collection of lackluster facets become lovely? It must be their interaction. Each refracts light at a slightly different angle; inherent qualities impact interpretation and offer a colorful response. Collectively these angles and interpretations can form a mesmerizing whole.

A few weeks ago, ten of us gathered to celebrate my parents' 50th anniversary; we are family, a multi-faced jewel. We are from the Northeast, the East, the Southeast, and the Southwest. We are students, parents, aunts and uncles, sisters and brothers, grandparents, husbands and wives. A cursory snapshot would show a baker, a musician, a teacher, a runner, a gardener, a programmer, a mother, a designer, a tax preparer, and a manager. But a composed, well-lit shot would reflect deeper, meaningful qualities. Over three days there emerged a storyteller, an artist, an art lover, an observer, an indecisive adventurer, a follower, a voice, a planner, a synthesizer, a cheerleader.

We reminisced, we learned for the first time, we caught up, we shared dreams. And we played, experiencing sights and sounds together, reflecting, refracting. Light shone on our different faces, each of us seeing something in a certain way, responding with a unique insight. A few days after our celebration I heard from Mom. "We had a great time, and fun to watch everyone interacting," her email said. Indeed, it was altogether lovely.


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